Nurburgring is a motorsports complex which can hold a capacity of 15, 000. It is located in Rhineland-Palatinate in a village called Nurburg in Germany. It contains a Grand Prix race track which was built in 1984 and the North loop track (Nordschleife) which was built back in the 1920s around the castle of Nürburg located in the Eifel Mountains. The North Loop is 12.9 mi (20.8 km) long and has 1,000 feet (300 meters) of elevation change from its lowest point to the highest point. The old track was later nicknamed The Green Hell by Jackie Stewart.

The old track originally contained four outlines. There was the 17.563 mi (28.265 km) long whole course which consisted of the 7.747 km (4.814 mi) South Loop and the 22.81 km (140.173) North Loop. There was also a 2.281 km warm up loop around the pit area.

The start and finish area was later demolished in between the year 1982 and 1983 to create a new race track which was used for holding major and international racing competitions. The North Loop (Nordschleife), however shortened is still used for testing, racing and public use.

In the 1920s, races were conducted on public roads located in the Eifel Mountains. This was later discovered to be dangerous and impractical leading to the construction of a track dedicated to racing was proposed. The original Nurburgring was to be used to showcase racing talent and automotive engineering in Germany. The construction of the race track began in September 1925 and was completed in the spring of 1927.

The races were however stopped due to The World War II but resumed in 1947 and in 1951.The North Loop of the Nurburgring became the main location for German Grand Prix.

In 1970, there was fatal crash of a F1 driver named Piers Courage at City Park Zandvoort. The F1 drivers at the French Grand Prix decided to boycott the Nurburgring lest major changes were made. Since changes would not be possible on short notice, the German Grand Prix was moved to Hockenheimring which was already modified.

In compliance with the needs of the F1 drivers, the North Loop was reconstructed by installing Armco safety barriers and smoothing out sudden jumps. The number of corners were reduced by making the track straighter. The Nurburgring was able to host the German Grand Prix for another six years which was from 1971 to 1976.

Due to the low safety standard and lack of compatibility with Formula One races, a new Grand Prix Track had to be made. The new track was finished in 1984 and named The GP-Strecke which means the Grand Prix Course. The track was well built and meet the safety standards.


One does not have to bring his own car and team to Nurburgring. Race cars can be rented with a prepared race team to ensure maximization of track time.

Race among the best drivers in the best race track in the world. The Nurburgring offers a variety of racing options to drivers from all the world. They include;

  1. GLP Regularity Series

You can start off with GLP Regularity Series which is a great start for first time racers racing in the Nurburgring. The race is perfect for beginners to learn the race environment. The fastest lap allowed is the 11mins 15sec track and 12 laps maximum. No license is required for one to race. The race is up to two drivers or one driver plus an instructor. The minimum age is 18 years old. One can race with any German Road registered vehicle. The top 30 percent of the competitors win a trophy.

  1. RCN Racing series

You can also choose the RCN Racing series in which many of the top and high ranking racers started. This race is a great start for introduction into direct and competitive racing were racers race for the fastest time. There are different classes for which are available to race in. They include RCN, RCN Senior Cup, RCN Junior, RCN Light, and RCN Ladies Cup.

License is required for one to race. They include: German DMSB International or the FIA approved International license (with permission starting from the home country and a second approval by DMSB) or the German DMSB National License. The maximum laps are 15 per race in which the winners get trophies. Only the FIA approved race cars can race. The minimum age is 18 years old.

  1. VLN Race Series

The VLN Race Series is were experienced racers go to challenge themselves on the 26 kilometer VLN Valiant track. It is directly racing against other experienced racers.

License is required: German DMSB International or the FIA approved International license (with permission starting from the home country and a second approval by DMSB) or the German DMSB National License. The minimum age is 18 years old. The races are 4 and 6 hours. Only FIA approved race cars are allowed.


The Nurburgring offers car rental services to people who are willing to race on public days. The cars paid for and picked at the North Loop track entry and after driving are returned there. The hirer is offered extensive safety briefing and advice on how to drive and an explanation of the features of the car. The cars are have proper tuned suspensions, equipped with a roll cage and have performance tires with good grip. The cars are insured and the minimum age for renting is 25 years.

The following are some examples of vehicles available for renting for the following prices

  • . VW GOLF 7 GTI PERFORMANCE from € 349.
  • . RENAULT CLIO RS 200 from € 269.-
  • . VW SCIROCCO CUP+ from € 349,-
  • . TOYOTA GT 86 from € 349.-
  • . SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT from € 269.-


Nurburgring offers public driving sessions on the North Loop (Nordschleife) and the Grand Prix Track. Driving on the tracks is done in sessions and public road rules such as speed limit sections, road legal vehicles only, and overtake only on the left apply. The tracks are open to all sorts of vehicles including motorcycles, large bases and vans.

The tracks are open mostly in the evenings on weekdays and full days on weekends but can change depending on the events being held on the track. During winter months and maintenance work and the track may be closed.